Finding local help & services

How can I find help with my tasks on Co-Tasker?

You can easily post a task ad for free. Simply describe your task, and add pictures if needed, then choose when you want your task to be completed along with a budget. Then sit back, relax and wait for the offers to come to you. Choose the best offer that suits you and get your task done. Head over to How it Works to learn more about how you can find local services on Co-Tasker

What price should I set for my task?

The beauty of a platform like Co-Tasker is that Co-Taskers can offer you their services based on your specific task. We understand that it might be a little tricky to set an initial price for your task. But after you post, Co-Taskers who are aware of industry prices will send you different priced quotes based on your task and their experience. Before selecting the quote that suits you and booking the Co-Tasker you would like to work with, you can compare the profiles and discuss the quotes with the Co-Taskers.

Who are Co-Taskers?

Co-Taskers are local self-employed individuals and businesses who offer their skills and time to the Co-Tasker community. Co-Taskers come from a range of backgrounds and professions, and their goal is to help you with everyday tasks.

Which Co-Tasker should I pick?

When selecting an offer, you can check the profile of the Co-Tasker, you can check their reviews from previous tasks and some information about them such as their intro, skills and languages.

Can I pay with cash?

All tasks must be paid in full through the app. Cash, partial cash payments and other payment methods outside of the platform are not permitted and not part of the system. Not only are cash payments inconvenient, not safe and encourage the earning of black money, but they also are not recorded. Therefore Co-Tasker is unable to issue refunds in a case of a dispute. Completing your task and paying outside of the platform will mean that the T&C’s and Task Contract are not applied, Co-Tasker will not be able to assist with the task and both parties may face account restrictions.

What about insurance?

All of the Co-Taskers who offer their services on the platform work for themselves and Co-Tasker is a marketplace that connects you with these professionals. In short, the Co-Taskers do not work for us.
Co-Taskers on the platform are self-employed individuals and businesses who are responsible for their insurance. If necessary for your task, we always recommend checking with each Co-Tasker before the start of each task that they are insured to complete your task.

Is there anything I should keep in mind when booking?

Here are some simple tips that we recommend to ensure that you have the smoothest experience on Co-Tasker:

  • Alway communicate effectively with the Co-Tasker you want to work with and make sure they have all the details about the task beforehand.
  • If you need to change the date or time of the task you can edit your task ad at any time and the Co-Tasker will be asked in the app for their confirmation.
  • It’s always advised to take photos before and after your task to document the completion in the unfortunate case of a dispute.
  • Make sure to accept any extra payment requests before releasing reserved payments.

Can I cancel my task?

You can always delete or edit your task ad before you book the service.

After the booking a cancellation policy applies. Please check the cancellation policy in the Terms and Conditions section 5.4.

I’m not satisfied with the outcome of my task. What can I do?

Before releasing your reserved payment to the Co-Tasker, please contact so we can help you resolve the issue.

Finding flexible work opportunities

How can I find work on Co-Tasker?

On Co-Tasker, you can find task ads created by people in your local area. The task ads can be found on Co-Tasker via the map or as a list view. You can filter and search directly for tasks based on your preferences. You can also be notified by the app when certain tasks that you prefer to do are posted. The work possibilities are endless on Co-Tasker, but here are just a few categories you can expect to see:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Errands
  • Transport & Removals
  • Packing & Lifting
  • Assembly & Installations
  • House & Garden
  • And much more

Once you find a task that you would like to apply for, simply send the Client an offer. If they accept and book you, you can start working to complete the task.

Do I work for Co-Tasker?

Co-Tasker is a marketplace platform that connects you to local people in your area that need your help with tasks. You don’t work for Co-Tasker, on the platform you are a service provider who is a freelancer/self-employed.

How do I earn money on Co-Tasker?

You earn money on Co-Tasker by completing tasks posted by users. You are paid through your Co-Tasker wallet which you can then withdraw from straight into your personal or business bank account.

How can you ensure that I will get paid?

After you have been booked, your payment is taken from the client’s wallet and reserved for you until you finish the task to ensure that you are paid for your work.

Does Co-Tasker pay my taxes for me?

Co-Tasker is not responsible for your personal or business taxes, you must declare the money you have earnt on the platform. Please see the guidelines for Co-Taskers to learn more about the legal aspects of working on Co-Tasker.

Can I cancel working on a task?

After making an offer for a task, you can always edit or cancel your offer. However, once your offer has been accepted, you can cancel the task up to 24 hours before the start time of the task. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours before the start time of the task, you no longer can cancel, as you have entered into a legally bounding contract with the Client to complete the task. If you have an emergency circumstance which means that you cannot do the task that you made an offer on and has already been accepted, then you must contact the Co-Tasker Team with supporting documents, and we will cancel the task for you. If you don’t turn up to the task, you will not be paid, and your Reliability Rate will be affected negatively which can lower your chances of being accepted for future tasks.

Plesae check the cancellation policy in the Terms and Conditions section 5.4.

When should I not apply for a task?

You shouldn’t apply for a task if you are not sure that you can complete it to the highest quality. If you’re not sure about how to carry out a task, you shouldn’t apply for it and let the client find someone who is skilled in that task category.
If you complete a task and the service wasn’t of high quality, or if you couldn’t complete the task as promised, you might not be paid for the task. You will also receive a bad review which will affect you from getting accepted for future tasks.

Why is it not good that I meet clients outside a booking?

When you are booked for a task, your payment is reserved through the Co-Wallet safe payment system which guarantees that you will always be paid for your hard work. In the case there was a short notice cancellation that could damage you as you already booked your schedule for this job instead of other job opportunities, then the cancellation policy will apply and you will receive a partial reimbursement for the damage.


How can I get the best experience out of Co-Tasker?

Please see our guidelines here where you can learn more about best practices when using the Co-Tasker platform. Please always be safe whilst using the platform, remember to not share your personal details online.

Why should I give ratings and reviews?

Co-Tasker is a community based on trust. We want users to feel safe, and so, ratings and reviews can help users know better who they are working with before committing to a task together.

Why can’t I delete my account straight away?

When choosing to delete your account, Co-Tasker will look into your request and see if there are any outstanding tasks, cases concerning you and money pending on your account. If there was nothing outstanding on your account it will be deleted instantly. If there was anything pending, the Co-Tasker Team will reach out to you to clear up the matter.

How do you look after my privacy on the app?

Co-Tasker always ensures that your privacy is of the highest priority. Please see our privacy policy here.

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